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Hurricane center dramatically improves public advisories for tropical storms

Above-average hurricane season predicted for 2010

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High Wind Framing Guide Helps
Increase Home Safety

Simpson Strong-Tie is the leader in research and products that increase the structural safety of homes and buildings in areas prone to hurricanes, high winds and earthquakes. We work with builders, engineers, building code officials and homeowners across the U.S. to create products that reinforce the structural frame of a house, making it stronger and safer.

To help builders and code officials with the rebuilding effort along the Gulf Coast, Simpson Strong-Tie created the High Wind Framing Connection Guide (HWFCG). This guide is designed to serve as a companion piece to the AF&PA Wood Frame Construction Manual for One- and Two-Family Dwellings (WFCM).
Simpson Strong-Tie
The WFCM is an ANSI-approved document that provides engineered and prescriptive design requirements for wood frame construction used in one- and two-story homes. Simpson’s companion guide helps code officials and contractors save time by offering detailed prescriptive solutions for meeting uplift and lateral load requirements in areas with wind speeds of 100 to 140 mph. The guide includes specific connector recommendations and detailed design examples. To request or download a copy of the guide, visit

For more information about high winds and hurricanes, visit or call 800-999-5099.
SmartVENT Foundation Flood Vents
After Hurricane Katrina, Lousianna resident Bruce Colby witnessed the effectiveness of SMART VENT Foundation Flood Vents first hand. 2.5 minutes.

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Weather Resistant Wood Trim
Steve Easley talks with Becky Gee of Windsor One about the development process of high quality molding.
5 minutes.

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